Indian minister saves six people from drowning

On Tuesday morning, the minister of Karnataka, India, was driving with his guards to Bangalore, when they were overtaken by another speeding car carrying a family of six people, including three children. Five minutes later, they were shocked to see the car sinking in the Beguvalli lake. According to, Kimmane Ratnakar ordered his car to stop and jumped in the lake, along with his guards to save the family.

The minister along with his guards, Halswamy, Chandrashekar and driver Krishnamurthy managed to open the blocked doors and take the children out and then returned to release the adults. Apparently the father of the children fell uncounscious,  while trying to open the blocked doors for his family but luckily he was saved.

Uday Kumar, the father of the family was very gratefeul and according to said that this event was like a ” rebirth for his family.

In a world filled with corrupt politicians, this story is indeed a breath of fresh air!


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  1. tamilnet online
    Dec 09, 2013 @ 09:42:57

    He became the real hero of India…………………


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