Thai video about kindness becomes social media sensation

A Thailandese advert has become viral on social media due to its wonderful message. The advert does not really look like and advert but more like a short movie.

The story is about a boy that steals a medicine from a pharmacy and is caught by the pharmacist. A large crowd gathers as the lady pharmacists tell off the boy, who keeps his head down. Suddenly a man comes to his rescue and asks the boy why he stole the medicine to which the boy answers that it is for his mother. Thus the man decides to pay for the medicine and more than that, gives him some soup for his mother.

Years later, the old man ( who works in the same food shop) suffers a heart attack and is brought to the hospital. His daughter is very upset at seeing the huge medical bills and struggles to find a solution. Then, somebody comes to the rescue? Who do you think? I guess you’ve guessed who it is.

This video might bring tears to anyone…but what would remind all of us is that you never know what life brings you. Kindness is rare and everybody deserves a chance. If we have the possibility to help somebody, whether we pay for their medicine, we help them get up from a fall or just give them a hug, without wanting anything in return, why not do it? It could mean the world to them and change their destiny and ours.

You can view the wonderful story here


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