Thousands of Romanians take the streets to demonstrate against the exploitation of Rosia Montana. National televisions are silent.

08.09.2013. European Union. Romania.

A democratic country that claims to be free. A country where you can vote, you can speak freely without censorship or discrimination. A country where you can travel without restrictions.

However, what happened in the last week shows what democracy means lately. Corporations that take over the land, force people to move, lose their jobs, pollute their environment, poison their bodies. More than that, they buy the silence of local media.

A country that more than twenty years ago fought for freedom, found itself fighting again for freedom.

What is this about?

Thousands of people gathered to demonstrate in 8 cities  against the exploitation of Rosia Montana by Rosia Montana Gold Corporations ( Gabriel Resources, a Canadian company is the biggest stakeholder) because the company wants to exploit the area to dig for gold. The project will involve

  • forcefully taking owned land from the local people in order to exploit the area
  • destroying four mountains
  • a cyanide lake will be formed in the area. The water will obviously infiltrate in the land, polluting the environment, infiltrating in the water and thus affecting local people’s health.

The movement for saving this area has been taking place for 15 years already but recently it has grown in popularity. National televisions have been showing adverts that encourage the exploitation of this area ( adverts paid obviously by the Canadian company) and the same televisions have ignored the demonstrations that have taken over Romania. It is believed politicians have been bought as they have been trying to push laws for the exploitation of Rosia Montana.

However, people are not discouraged. Thanks to social media, the movement is spreading. More than that, despite local media’s silence, international media has reported on the case and named the movement the ” Romanian autumn”.

If you want to help sign here to convince the Romanian Environment ministry to cancel this project.


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