Help someone in need. The “suspended bread” project.


Following the big success of the suspended coffee project, a few people thought about giving more to the needy and initiated the “suspended bread” project. This one though is not that well known and not at all that spread around the world as the suspended coffees.

So far the known places that offer suspended bread are situated in the U.S.A ( Essential Baking Cafe in Wallingford, Seattle, Madison, Georgetown and Bellevue ) and Bulgaria (Violeta Dardova’s organic shop in Varna).

The American bakery shop( visit their website here) first thought of helping the community by participating in the suspended coffee project and following their big success, they decided to offer suspended bread as well. More than that, the shop has also contacted several organizations that work with homeless people in order to spread awareness.

The Bulgarian shop situated in Varna has also initially joined the project thanks to an online campaign that was promoting the suspended coffee project. According to Radio Bulgaria, the owner wanted to do more than offering coffees, so now anyone can buy a suspended product to help people in need. The response to her initiative was well received as clients volunteered from the first day and some of them come on purpose to the shop just to buy a suspended product.

The “suspended pizza”

If suspended bread and organic products sound good indeed, what do you think about “suspended pizza”?

According to a restaurant in Orta Nova, Italy has chosen to offer “suspended pizzas”. You would think a pizza would cost maybe too much, but the restaurant gives you the chance to donate how much money you want, for example just a few cents, until they will reach the sum of 3,50 euros, the cost of a pizza Margherita.

This type of initiatives could indeed help a lot of people in need and more than that bring popularity to the caffes and shops that are nice enough to participate. If you think about it, any company could participate by offering their services- suspended car repairs, suspended dentist work, suspended legal advice and so on.


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