One good deed- kids return lost phone through Instagram

Two weeks ago, designer Kimchi Ho went on a bike ride with a friend and lost her phone. This story could have ended in tears if the founders of the phone decided to keep it. However, the story had a happy ending, as when Kimchi Ho returned to her home she had a surprise. Her sister showed her this video that was posted on her Instagram account.

The kids have found the phone and decided to make a short video and post it on Instagram so the owner can get it back. Kimchi was lucky that these kids found the phone. Most people would have kept it or sold it. Losing a phone can be very frustrating. Think of all the pictures we have on them. Some of them maybe are too private for others to see. All the contacts, e-mails would be lost. Could be even worse than losing your wallet, because people can actually go into your Facebook account, see all you private e-mails and maybe even buy stuff online.


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