Indian minister saves six people from drowning

On Tuesday morning, the minister of Karnataka, India, was driving with his guards to Bangalore, when they were overtaken by another speeding car carrying a family of six people, including three children. Five minutes later, they were shocked to see the car sinking in the Beguvalli lake. According to, Kimmane Ratnakar ordered his car to stop and jumped in the lake, along with his guards to save the family.

The minister along with his guards, Halswamy, Chandrashekar and driver Krishnamurthy managed to open the blocked doors and take the children out and then returned to release the adults. Apparently the father of the children fell uncounscious,  while trying to open the blocked doors for his family but luckily he was saved.

Uday Kumar, the father of the family was very gratefeul and according to said that this event was like a ” rebirth for his family.

In a world filled with corrupt politicians, this story is indeed a breath of fresh air!


Thai video about kindness becomes social media sensation

A Thailandese advert has become viral on social media due to its wonderful message. The advert does not really look like and advert but more like a short movie.

The story is about a boy that steals a medicine from a pharmacy and is caught by the pharmacist. A large crowd gathers as the lady pharmacists tell off the boy, who keeps his head down. Suddenly a man comes to his rescue and asks the boy why he stole the medicine to which the boy answers that it is for his mother. Thus the man decides to pay for the medicine and more than that, gives him some soup for his mother.

Years later, the old man ( who works in the same food shop) suffers a heart attack and is brought to the hospital. His daughter is very upset at seeing the huge medical bills and struggles to find a solution. Then, somebody comes to the rescue? Who do you think? I guess you’ve guessed who it is.

This video might bring tears to anyone…but what would remind all of us is that you never know what life brings you. Kindness is rare and everybody deserves a chance. If we have the possibility to help somebody, whether we pay for their medicine, we help them get up from a fall or just give them a hug, without wanting anything in return, why not do it? It could mean the world to them and change their destiny and ours.

You can view the wonderful story here

Dashrath Manjhi, the Indian man that carved a mountain

indian man

Dashrath Manjhi was a remarkable man that has carved through a mountain for 22 years to create a road from his village to a hospital.

He carved day and night from 1960 to 1982

His story began in 1960 when his wife, Falguni Devi died because she was not able to get any medical treatment as the nearest hospital was 70 kilometres away. As reports, the villagers asked the government for help several times, but they had been ignored. “I knew if I did not do it myself, neither would the government do it nor would the villagers have the will and determination. This hill had given us trouble and grief for centuries. The people had asked the government many times to make a proper road through the hill, but nobody paid any attention. So I just decided I would do it all by myself.” (, sep.1, 2007)

Thus, Dashrath decided to make his life’s purpose to create a shorter road from his village to the hospital. However a shorter road would have meant carving thourgh the mountains of Gehlour hills. Now we know carving through mountains would mean excavators, a team of engineers , plenty of money and time. But Dashrath decided to do it on his own.

They say love can move mountains

What drove him was the love for his wife. As reports, Dashrath Manjhi said “My love for my wife was the initial spark that ignited in me the desire to carve out a road. But what kept me working without fear or worry all those years was the desire to see thousands of villagers crossing the hill with ease whenever they wanted,”

Using just a hammer, a chisel and his nails for 22 years he has worked day and night and finally shortened the way to the hospital from 70 kilometres to one kilometre. Of course his story became famous in India and so the government has given him a five acre plot as a gift in his village, plot that he decided to donate for the building of a hospital.

You would think the government would have the resources and brain to build a hospital closer to the village, instead of giving him a piece of land.

Dashrath Manji has died in 2007, but what he did is save probably many lives by creating this road. Moreover, his story will not be forgotten as it has been retold in a movie called Manjhi, which is said to be released at the end of this year.

His story is very similar to Dobri Dobrev ( the beggar that donates his beggin money to orphanages) or to Joynal Abedin( the rickshaw driver who put money aside for 30 years for the construction of a hospital).

If people with so little resources can do so much, think how much we ( that have a little more money, computers, internet, more food and financial possibilities) can do!

Thousands of Romanians take the streets to demonstrate against the exploitation of Rosia Montana. National televisions are silent.

08.09.2013. European Union. Romania.

A democratic country that claims to be free. A country where you can vote, you can speak freely without censorship or discrimination. A country where you can travel without restrictions.

However, what happened in the last week shows what democracy means lately. Corporations that take over the land, force people to move, lose their jobs, pollute their environment, poison their bodies. More than that, they buy the silence of local media.

A country that more than twenty years ago fought for freedom, found itself fighting again for freedom.

What is this about?

Thousands of people gathered to demonstrate in 8 cities  against the exploitation of Rosia Montana by Rosia Montana Gold Corporations ( Gabriel Resources, a Canadian company is the biggest stakeholder) because the company wants to exploit the area to dig for gold. The project will involve

  • forcefully taking owned land from the local people in order to exploit the area
  • destroying four mountains
  • a cyanide lake will be formed in the area. The water will obviously infiltrate in the land, polluting the environment, infiltrating in the water and thus affecting local people’s health.

The movement for saving this area has been taking place for 15 years already but recently it has grown in popularity. National televisions have been showing adverts that encourage the exploitation of this area ( adverts paid obviously by the Canadian company) and the same televisions have ignored the demonstrations that have taken over Romania. It is believed politicians have been bought as they have been trying to push laws for the exploitation of Rosia Montana.

However, people are not discouraged. Thanks to social media, the movement is spreading. More than that, despite local media’s silence, international media has reported on the case and named the movement the ” Romanian autumn”.

If you want to help sign here to convince the Romanian Environment ministry to cancel this project.

Help someone in need. The “suspended bread” project.


Following the big success of the suspended coffee project, a few people thought about giving more to the needy and initiated the “suspended bread” project. This one though is not that well known and not at all that spread around the world as the suspended coffees.

So far the known places that offer suspended bread are situated in the U.S.A ( Essential Baking Cafe in Wallingford, Seattle, Madison, Georgetown and Bellevue ) and Bulgaria (Violeta Dardova’s organic shop in Varna).

The American bakery shop( visit their website here) first thought of helping the community by participating in the suspended coffee project and following their big success, they decided to offer suspended bread as well. More than that, the shop has also contacted several organizations that work with homeless people in order to spread awareness.

The Bulgarian shop situated in Varna has also initially joined the project thanks to an online campaign that was promoting the suspended coffee project. According to Radio Bulgaria, the owner wanted to do more than offering coffees, so now anyone can buy a suspended product to help people in need. The response to her initiative was well received as clients volunteered from the first day and some of them come on purpose to the shop just to buy a suspended product.

The “suspended pizza”

If suspended bread and organic products sound good indeed, what do you think about “suspended pizza”?

According to a restaurant in Orta Nova, Italy has chosen to offer “suspended pizzas”. You would think a pizza would cost maybe too much, but the restaurant gives you the chance to donate how much money you want, for example just a few cents, until they will reach the sum of 3,50 euros, the cost of a pizza Margherita.

This type of initiatives could indeed help a lot of people in need and more than that bring popularity to the caffes and shops that are nice enough to participate. If you think about it, any company could participate by offering their services- suspended car repairs, suspended dentist work, suspended legal advice and so on.

One good deed- kids return lost phone through Instagram

Two weeks ago, designer Kimchi Ho went on a bike ride with a friend and lost her phone. This story could have ended in tears if the founders of the phone decided to keep it. However, the story had a happy ending, as when Kimchi Ho returned to her home she had a surprise. Her sister showed her this video that was posted on her Instagram account.

The kids have found the phone and decided to make a short video and post it on Instagram so the owner can get it back. Kimchi was lucky that these kids found the phone. Most people would have kept it or sold it. Losing a phone can be very frustrating. Think of all the pictures we have on them. Some of them maybe are too private for others to see. All the contacts, e-mails would be lost. Could be even worse than losing your wallet, because people can actually go into your Facebook account, see all you private e-mails and maybe even buy stuff online.

Saudi Arabian actor helps car crash survivor

saudi comedian)

Picture taken from youtube

Two weeks ago, Yousuf Al Ansari, a fifteen year old Saudi boy was involved in a horrific car accident in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. According to Alhayat newspaper, the accident left him orphan and Yousuf ended in hospital with several injuries. All he had left was his uncle, who chose to stay by his side in these tragic times.

However, the story does not end here, as a famous Saudi comedian actor heard about his story. What happened next, changed the boy’s destiny for the better.

Alhayat newspaper reported that Fayez Almalki decided to help the young man, and so, he offered his moral support, visited him in hospital and gave him his phone number to call him anytime. But, more than that, he donated him a brand new car. Because Yousuf can’t really drive a car yet, the actor started a campaign on Twitter to sell the car to the highest bidder, because probably money would be more useful for his future.

The surprise came when the car was bought by the Saudi prince Alwaleed Bin Talal, who not only paid more of the car’s worth, but also bought him a brand new house and offered Yousuf the opportunity to go to a private school, all expenses paid.

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