Why is Miley Cyrus more important, for CNN, than Syrian conflicts?



We wonder sometimes why certain news that have no importance in our lives, end up on the front page of the newspapers and why vital news is ignored or put on the last page and given little detail.

I often used to consider journalists a sort of heroes, because some of them risked their lives to get into dangerous areas and investigate stories to let us know the truth. They were a combination of intelligence and courage. Which is quite rare. I believe not by mistake Superman’s real life job was in the journalism field. We all believe that there is a small Superman in every journalist.

However, in recent years, media have let us down. And I believe, we realised this because of the media citizen, because of Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites where the normal every day citizen posted real news, photos and videos that contradicted the official traditional news or that were completely ignored by the media.

On 26 August, 2013 I  read on the Onion website (which I am aware that is a satire news website) an article from a CNN editor( see the article here). It was not actually written by the CNN editor, but it was attributed to her. Nevertheless, what the article states could be attributed to all media today.

In the article the editor explained why such a serious news website put Miley Cyrus’s shocking performance( dancing half naked on the stage while doing some sexual moves) at the VMA’s on its front cover and serious news such as the Syrian conflicts were cast aside.

It’s all about the money, money,money

The conclusion is, as one famous song states” it’s all about the money, money, money”.  Miley Cyrus’s article attracted a huge number of viewers. More than the Syrian conflicts articles and more than the Egypt unrest.

But to get even a bigger number of viewers, the editor chose to put the video from the performance ( which again brought more money due to the advertisements added to the video) and more pictures so they will make you spend more time on the page. Because you see, if we stay more on the page, the website will be able to get even more money from the advertisers and attract bigger companies to advert and again…bring more money.

Then, you wonder if CNN does this type of things, what to expect from not so pretentious news websites? Will news be believable anymore if the purpose is to bring them money? Is this journalism anymore or is it just business? Where is the ethics?

There is still hope in the non journalists

With all this media business going on I think there is still hope and that is because of  the media citizen that does not care about the money, but about the truth. The blogger, the twitterer, any person that comments and wakes people up about what really happens in the world, any activist and campaigner that does not lose hope- these people are our hope.





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