Free taxi rides for people in distress- a genius project by a Romanian young man

cars 2

Alex Bobes is a 23 Romanian young man from Bucharest, Romania, who came up with a really selfless idea- free taxi rides for people in distress. Now you might wonder why would he do such a thing and how does he have the time?

His idea came when finding himself in a distress and in need of a car, realised that nobody could help him with a free ride. Since then, he decided to help other people with issues that couldn’t afford to pay a taxi ride. Thus he started to drive people with health problems, such as disabilities or medical emergencies to hospitals or he transported people in need that lost their money ( such as students) and needed help.

The surprising thing is that this young man is paying from his own wage ( he’s working in the IT industry) and is driving his own car. Since his project started, he created a website and appeared on several television shows to spread the word around and to convince other people to join his project. He has also contacted several NGO’s but did not manage to get anyone to sponsor him yet. If he will manage to get sponsors the project could take off and many people in distress could get plenty of help. If you are interested in a donation or to join the project, or to start up something similar in your area, you can check his website – or send an e-mail to


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