How we can improve our health and help the environment

It might seem hard for some of us to help the environment. If you work from 9 to 5 and you get home and you have to cook, clean, take the dog out for a walk, do some shopping and help your kids with the homework, then…who in the world has the time to think and research about the environment?

However, helping the environment and yourself might be easier than you think,  because it’s all in making choices. Next time youreach for that toilet detergent, you could make the right choice and choose an eco brand, that will not intoxicate our waters and affect our skin. Just think about it, water travels in a cyclic mode and it will go into the ground and return sooner or later in our cup of tea or coffee. Do you think that tap water is pure pure?  Somehow we are all contributing to the pollution of water, ground and air so why not do something about it. Let’s think about how water touches us every day, from taking a shower, eating a soup, drinking coffee, brushing our teeth, washing our hair…

So, what are the changes we can make?

Here are some of the changes I’ve decided to make.

1. First of all, I got a water filter to reduce the chlorine from the water (they’re not very expensive). Chlorine dries your hair, skin and affects your lungs ( here’s a link about the effects of chlorine)


2. I changed my normal dish washing liquid with an ecological washing liquid that will not polutte the water, will not affect my skin and my health.


3. I changed my toilet detergent with an ecological one


4. I changed my normal shampoo with an ecological nettle shampoo


5. I changed my soap and shower gel with natural soaps ( that smell and feel amazing!)


6. I changed my body lotion with organic coconut oil. Coconut oil helps damaged hair, has anti bacterial and anti fungal properties, it helps with damage in your tissues and it slows down the process of ageing. You can also use coconut oil in your cooking as it reduces the cholesterol.



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