Wake up and live your life- a great motivational short movie

We all see those carpe diem motivational posters, cartoons and movies and for most of us those messages fly right through us. We understand that we should live life and love every minute of it, but still find excuses to not live it properly. I heard some of my friends finding plenty of excuses. Sure, I  also used to give excuses all the time. My friends were saying stuff like

” Sure, I will enjoy my life, let me just finish this job and in 2-3 years I will be able to sit on a beach and enjoy a nice cocktail and laugh at the sun” … or

” Sure, I will go on a holiday, but for now my children are too small and I have to sacrifice for them a few years”…

It seems that we take life for granted and we don’t realise time goes fast and sooner or later all we will have left is regrets.

What if we had the possibility to see ourselves in the future at the age of 60-70 or 80? What do you think your old self would tell your young self? What if your old self came through a time machine now, in your living room while you are sipping tea and enjoy a nice comedy series? What do you think your old self would tell you? What would he advice you? To live more? To leave that crappy job you have or that bad relationship? To finally follow your dream?

Here’s a great 3 minute short movie that played with this idea


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