Solar Demi, the man who brought free light in dark houses

We all take electricity for granted. Sometimes you have some things in life you can’t even imagine your life without it. Imagine there’s no internet. What would you do now? That would be quite boring. How about no electricity? Turn off your TV or laptop for 5 minutes. If you are alone in the house, I don’t know if you could resist 5 minute without turning something on.

How about no heating, no warming up your food, no fridge, no light. Imagine to be in complete darkness when the night comes. Especially during the winter when the night comes at 4-5. What would you do then?

That would not be that bad. Our ancestors had candles, gas, a few books for boredom and they managed somehow. But imagine to still live in those conditions. With all the development and globalisation to live in a house without light and not to be able to afford it. What would be the solution? How could you bring light in your house?

Solar Demi is a man that found a solution. In Sitio Maligaya, Philippine, Solar Demi decided to bring some light in his neighbourhood and thought of an ingenious idea.

He filled bottles of water with bleach and water, made a hole in the roof of the houses, installed them in the roof and thus, allowed the sun rays to go through this bottles and inside the houses bringing as much light as a 60w light bulb.

You can see Solar Demi’s story here


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