Twitter, celebrities, lies and the truth

Free twitter badge

Free twitter badge (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When you watch TV and commercials are coming on, you probably change the channel, go to the fridge or find something else to do. Because you know their purpose, it is clear as the sky can be.

You are not fooled and you know what’s going on.

But what about when you go online? Can you recognize all the adverts? Sure, you can. How about the hidden adverts? Can you recognise those?

If you are not sure, just think about the last time when you read a celebrity tweet or Facebook post and they mentioned how much they liked some food they ate at a restaurant or how much they loved their new shoes that they purchased in a certain store. Sure, it made you want to go there and buy that whatever thing because the product suddenly looked better because that celebrity tried it.

But you would think , aren’t celebrities allowed to tweet about things they like and what they don’t like? Of course, they are, just like any other person. And sometimes they probably do.

But the truth is…

The majority of celebrity tweets that mention a product (even if it seems innocent and it does not look like advertisement at all) are actually paid.

Some get paid ( according to and ) as much as

13,000 dollars per tweet (Kim Khardashian)

 3,250 dollars ( Mike Tyson)

 3,500 dollars (Lindsay Lohan)

975 dollars (Lisa Rinna)

There are also moments when celebrities are not paid, but instead get a free pack of goodies and they tweet about it. While celebrities get plenty of freebies and tweet about it or wear it, the companies earn a lot of profit from almost free advetisment ( because a freebie might cost them about 2,000 dollars comparing to a TV commercial that would cost 2.5 million dollars per minute during the Superbowl or 1 million dollar in air time).

So, should I hate these people?

This does not mean that you should start on hating your beloved singers, actors, actresses or other celebrities. However, you should be careful in following their words or recommendations. When purchasing a product, I believe it’s best to make a wise, informed decision, whether you buy a car or a piece of gum.


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