How to get good things from bad events in your life

_DSC0228I was born in a negative world. Everyone around me was negative and pessimistic.  My family, friends, schoolmates and my teachers. Maybe it happened to you, too.

All I could hear was ” you’re good for nothing”, ” you don’t deserve this”, ” you’re not good enough”. There was no encouragement, no praise.  If that wasn’t enough, school brought fear, intimidation, stress and panic. I was indeed small, as I felt small. If that wasn’t enough, when I turned on the TV, all I saw was bad news- crimes, corrupt politicians, and so on.

It’s obvious that such an environment makes you pessimistic about life. You start to think you are ugly, stupid and pretty much don’t deserve anything in life or even to live. If everyone around you tells you repeatedly these things, you start to believe them.


… things didn’t go on like this. Something stopped me from being like that anymore. There was something inside. Maybe it was hope, maybe it was a small voice inside me that encouraged me to go on and somehow told me that something good will happen in the future. That things happen for a reason. I realised that there are two roads that you can choose in life. You either choose to be negative and indifferent to what is going on around you, hiding in your shell, or you can choose to walk on a positive road, to take chances and to risk. Around these times I used to look at the clouds and imagined my dear grandpa smiling back at me and somehow encouraging me.

So, I decided. Not anymore. Not to be one with the environment. To be different. And why not? What’s the worst that could happen? It already happened. Nothing could bring me in a worse state that I was.

How things changed for the better

The moment I changed my attitude, things started to change. If someone told me ” you don’t know anything about…”, I would say ” No. But I know things about other subjects, things that you might not know. Nobody is born with knowledge.”

Then, I started to look for positive people. I encouraged the negative people in my life to change their attitude, by praising their qualities and trying to get them to be more positive. If they remained stubborn, it was time for them to leave. Things started to really change.

I started to look for positive things, allowing myself treats, small gifts for special holidays or more expensive gifts, such as trips to festivals.

Travelling, I believe, was the best gift of all, it changed my life. When opportunities arrived, I jumped right in. You have to try for your soul. Even if you fail, you will have no regrets, because you tried.

The world gives you what you want, if you really want it. If you have a negative event or a negative thing in your life, you can take something positive out of it.

If you have a bad relationship– break it. You will be happier, discovering yourself and discovering what you really want from life.

If a dear person passed away– it was their time to go. But that person would want you to enjoy life. So enjoy your life at least for that person. Follow your dreams.

If you lost your job- that means you were meant to do something else. Think about what you really like. If you are not sure, ask people around you. That’s how I realised what I should do in life.

If you lost a lot of money- it’s just money. Tribes of people in the Amazon live happily without knowing this concept. We are here in this life to enjoy it and we are not taking the material things with us in the afterlife.

If you have a health problem- if you have a disability, who are the best people to show you how you can get something good out of it? The paralympians!

I have realised that there is always a solution to a problem. Whether it comes fast or somewhere in the future, things will work out. You just have to try, be patient and be positive.


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  1. forfreepsychology
    Aug 05, 2013 @ 13:10:45

    You are right in that environments like that might make us negative. Good you have taken destiny in your own hands:D


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