Why is Miley Cyrus more important, for CNN, than Syrian conflicts?



We wonder sometimes why certain news that have no importance in our lives, end up on the front page of the newspapers and why vital news is ignored or put on the last page and given little detail.

I often used to consider journalists a sort of heroes, because some of them risked their lives to get into dangerous areas and investigate stories to let us know the truth. They were a combination of intelligence and courage. Which is quite rare. I believe not by mistake Superman’s real life job was in the journalism field. We all believe that there is a small Superman in every journalist.

However, in recent years, media have let us down. And I believe, we realised this because of the media citizen, because of Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites where the normal every day citizen posted real news, photos and videos that contradicted the official traditional news or that were completely ignored by the media.

On 26 August, 2013 I  read on the Onion website (which I am aware that is a satire news website) an article from a CNN editor( see the article here). It was not actually written by the CNN editor, but it was attributed to her. Nevertheless, what the article states could be attributed to all media today.

In the article the editor explained why such a serious news website put Miley Cyrus’s shocking performance( dancing half naked on the stage while doing some sexual moves) at the VMA’s on its front cover and serious news such as the Syrian conflicts were cast aside.

It’s all about the money, money,money

The conclusion is, as one famous song states” it’s all about the money, money, money”.  Miley Cyrus’s article attracted a huge number of viewers. More than the Syrian conflicts articles and more than the Egypt unrest.

But to get even a bigger number of viewers, the editor chose to put the video from the performance ( which again brought more money due to the advertisements added to the video) and more pictures so they will make you spend more time on the page. Because you see, if we stay more on the page, the website will be able to get even more money from the advertisers and attract bigger companies to advert and again…bring more money.

Then, you wonder if CNN does this type of things, what to expect from not so pretentious news websites? Will news be believable anymore if the purpose is to bring them money? Is this journalism anymore or is it just business? Where is the ethics?

There is still hope in the non journalists

With all this media business going on I think there is still hope and that is because of  the media citizen that does not care about the money, but about the truth. The blogger, the twitterer, any person that comments and wakes people up about what really happens in the world, any activist and campaigner that does not lose hope- these people are our hope.





Homeless man returns 3,000 dollars to owner, his life changes

Dave Tally, had been homeless for seven years when one day in November, 2010 found a bag with money, in a railway station, in Temp, U.S.A.

However, instead of keeping the 3,000 dollars, a quite a big sum of money for someone being in this situation, Tally decided to return the money to its rightful owner. The money would have helped him get off the streets, get a small apartment, a bicycle and soon perhaps even a job.

However, Tally felt that this was not the right thing to do and he thought about the person that lost the money. This person might have been a student that saved money for school.

So, he went to a charity called Tempe Community Action Agency, a charity that works with churches in the area in order to provide housing for homeless people. Tally has consulted the manager of the charity and asked him what he should do, however the manager let him take the decision.

This was the decision that changed his life. Tally decided to return the money to the rightful owner . He found that the owner was a student called Bryan Belanger who, on his way to work while talking on his phone, forgot about his bag and got on the train. The money were saved to buy a used car because his old car has been wrecked in a car accident.

Dave Tally’s destiny started to change

When finding out about the good deed, Bryan’s mother called the newspapers and his story became famous around the U.S. Donations started to come and around 10,000 dollars were raised for Tally. More than that, a dentist offered to fix his teeth for free and a lawyer volunteered for getting his driving licence back ( which he lost due to a DUI).

Tally started to appear on television, was invited to several TV shows and even did a commercial for a coffee brand.

But he did not let this fame get into his head. Now in 2013, Tally has a small apartment, a job and volunteers at the shelter that helped him in his homeless years. Because Tally used to be a landscaper and a gardener , he is helping now the charity with taking care of a garden that provides vegetables and fruits for the charity kitchen.

Tally has reminded people not to think about all homeless people as drug addicts, as many end up like this because they have lost their jobs in this tough recession. Of course many of them want to get back to their normal lives and it’s important to give them a chance and not to judge them.

Here’s a video about his story

The Liebster award


“The Liebster Award is for bloggers with under 300 followers and the rules of the award is that the nominee must link back to whoever awarded them, write 11 random facts about themselves, answer the 11 questions from the award giver, and then nominate another 11 bloggers and make up 11 questions for them to answer. It’s a great way for new and undiscovered bloggers to meet new people, get more followers and find some blogs that they want to follow.”

The Liebster Blog Award is an award given only to upcoming bloggers with a small following. “Liebster” is a German word for sweetest, nicest or dearest.

I want to thank http://hannahblabla.wordpress.com/ for nominating me!

The Rules of The Liebster Award

1.  Each nominee must link back the person who nominated them

2.  Answer the questions which are given to you by the nominator

3.  Nominate other bloggers for this award who have 200 followers or less (if you don’t know how many followers someone has just choose any blog you like)

4.  Create 10 or 11 questions for your nominees to answer

5.  Let your nominees know that they have been nominated by going to their blog and commenting.

The questions I was asked by hannahblabla.wordpress.com and my answers

1) What do you enjoy most about writing your blog?

I love it when I find stories about common people doing extraordinary, selfless things, like the Indian man who spent his life planting a whole forest or the Romanian guy who offers free taxi rides for people with financial issues. I love that I can spread some positive news in a world filled with negative media stories.
2) What is your most memorable photograph?

My most memorable photograph is a photograph that I didn’t even take, but an automatic photo machine. I carry it with me all the time. And it’s a photo of me and a friend. It’s closer to my heart than all of my artistic photographs.
3) Early bird or night owl?

I am definitely an early bird as I like to get things done early in the morning. The fresh air and the sound of birds just gives me some kind of positive energy. I am blessed to live in a green area so the mornings are lovely.
4) Where would you like to be this time next year?

I think I would love to be in the same place and time. If I could stop the time…waiting for the Delorean time machine…to see if it’s possible.
5) What gets you out of bed in the morning?

Knowing that I have full control of my life, that I can take my own decisions and doing what I love, photography, blogging, travelling and enjoying every second of it, makes me jump out of bed in the morning!
6) Have you got a lucky charm? If so, what is it?

I believe my friends are my lucky charm. They are giving me hope and really encourage me. Things come and go but true friends are here forever.
7) Starter or dessert?

Loving a sweet desert!
8) Who is your idol and why?

I used to have idols like musicians and actors, but then I realised I don’t really know them personally and they just might be like any other person, so I decided to not have any idols.
9) If you could have been born in another era, when would it be?

I would love to make a little trip in the 1890’s just because of the fashion and great foods ( no chemicals and everything really natural) however when you think about the sanitary conditions, travelling and comfortability I prefer our era.
10) Who would play you in the film of your life?

Kate Hudson would be perfect because of her easy going personality.
11) If you could listen to one song on repeat, what would it be?

Better man by Robbie Williams. Lovely song!

My questions are

1) Why do you blog?

2) What type of music makes you jump off the sofa and dance?

3) If you would be friends with your favourite celebrity, what activities would you do together (photography, hiking, etc)?

4) Which movie, TV show or TV series would you like to be reality and for you to be able to live it?

5) If you could change three things about this world, what would you change?

6) Three things that you love about your friends!

7) Imagine you’re in the year 2050. What advice would you give to yourself now, in the year of 2013?

8) What’s your guilty pleasure?

9) One sweet you can’t live without?

10) Which word annoys you?


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Why it’s alright sometimes to be selfish


Selfish is a negative word. There’s absolutely nothing positive about it. Associate any other word with it and it just makes you frown or nod in disapprovement. Selfish mother, selfish lover, selfish friend.

Obviously this word has never brought anything good to it. However, I believe sometimes selfishness is good. I’m not thinking about a situation when someone’s drowning and you choose to buy popcorn and enjoy the view…but rather a situation, perhaps better said, a moment in your life when everything and everyone is pissing you off and stress is taking its toll.

I have met three situations and three types of people in my life that made me decide to be selfish.

1) When certain friends use you as their own therapist, as you would be giving free counselling classes. Perhaps you have some friends that when you meet them, all they can talk about is themselves and they never ever ask anything about you. Usually the meeting goes like this:

(Friend)- Hi! How are you? I haven’t seen you in a while!

(Me)     -Hi! Well, I’m…

(Friend interrupting rudely)- Oh, I’m so stressed about my clothes no longer fitting me/not affording that holiday/my socks being too tight…

(I let the friend talk about the problem, thinking I’ll get my turn later)

Later on, during the discussion, in a moment of silence I try to say something quietly.

(Me)- So, I’ve decide to get married/buy a house/ move to China!

(Friend diverting from my hugely important news to one of his/hers small story that has no connection whatsoever)

– Married/Buying a house/Moving to China?! Well…that’s big…that reminds me of when I wanted to go to this wedding/when I saw this decoration TV show/ when I saw a Chinese porcelain doll…

(Friend continues the nonsense story, diverting from your news and ignoring you totally)

2) When the boss thinks you are the slave of the company and makes you do extra work and extra stuff that he/she should be doing, but because you are new, scared of making a bad impression and not being fired on your first week on the job, you bow and smile “ Yes, sir”.

It happened to me at the beginning of a job, wanting to please everyone, I was doing extra work and I was getting extra no thanks.

3) When relatives take you for granted

I know some people have relatives that take them for granted, which means assuming that because you are a relative, you’re supposed to say yes. It’s worse if you’re an expert in your field- like an IT engineer, language teacher, mechanic or doctor. Your relative will call you in the middle of the night to fix their computer, repair their car or give free medical advice or translate a document. Sure, there’s no issue in helping people, unless they take full advantage and use you in every possible way, disregarding the fact that you might have your private life and maybe wanting to enjoy your free time.

So what is the right thing to do?

1) Regarding friends, I believe the right thing to do is tell them about this problem because friendship is a two way street, otherwise…they can go their own way. What is the point of hanging out with somebody who does not actually care?

2) Tell the boss you’re busy

What I did, after I realised that I have been doing too much extra work and no extrapayment or thanks, was to tell my boss I am too busy with doing my work and can’t take any more extra things to do. He/She got the message and did not ask me about it again.

3) Tell the relatives that your free time is your relaxing time and for fixing their things they can visit you in your office during the office hours. Sure, I did that and got some raised eyebrows but in the end I got my free time back.

The best way to give to charity- the suspended coffee project


Perhaps you have noticed this story going around on Facebook, a story about a project which involves a “suspended coffee”.

We enter a little coffeehouse with a friend of mine and give our order. While we’re approaching our table two people come in and they go to the counter:

Five coffees, please. Two of them for us and three suspended.They pay for their order, take the two and leave. I ask my friend:What are those ‘suspended’ coffees?Wait for it and you will see…

Some more people enter. Two girls ask for one coffee each, pay and go. The next order was for seven coffees and it was made by three lawyers: three for them and four ‘suspended’.

While I still wonder what’s the deal with those ‘suspended’ coffees, I enjoy the sunny weather and the beautiful view towards the square in front of the cafe.
Suddenly a man dressed in shabby clothes who looks like a beggar comes in through the door and kindly asks:

Do you have a suspended coffee?

Suspended coffee means charity coffee, which means that you go into your usual coffee shop, buy yourself your normal Cappuccino, Late or coffee and you pay an extra coffee which you will not drink but you will leave it for someone in need.  That person in need, let’s say a homeless person, would come in the coffee shop later and ask for a suspended coffee and get it for free. I believe this is the easiest way to give to charity and actually know that it goes to charity.

Where did this thing start?

Now, first when I read about this story I found it as a good idea and I wondered how many people and coffee shops would be willing to do that.

So, I found out that first this project started in Italy, Naples, over 100 years ago ( according to wikipedia,see more of the story here) and spread all over the world…recently…

So I was curious how can you find out if your town has got coffee shops that participate in this project. Luckily, there is a website specially dedicated to this project http://www.coffeesharing.com/


Where can I go pay a suspended coffee?

Now, you can go on the site and check if you favourite coffee shop does that and if not, you can spread the word around, ask the coffee shop owner if they would do it or just tell your friends.

These are the countries, towns and coffee shops that participate in this wonderful project:




E for Ethel (Adelaide)

Cup From Above (Aspley)

Coffee by Design (Ballarat)

That New Coffee Shop (Ballina)

Jam for Joe (Blackburn)

Hawker Street Cafe (Bowden)

Woolloongabba Antique Centre (Brisbane)

Espresso Train (Brisbane)

Thrive on George (Brisbane)

Ground (Buderim)

Chocs & Pops (Burleigh Heads)

Secret Buddha Cafe (Burnie)

UHUB Cairns Information Booking Hub (Cairns)

Baker Caker Coffeemaker (Collaroy)

The Gate Lounge Espresso Bar (Coolangatta)

Cheney’s Chocolate Cafe Corrimal (Corrimal)

Red Door Bakery (Croydon)

Aum Shanti (Frankston)

Conversations Cafe (Gawler)

Lavish Speciality Coffee (Geelong)

Lavish Speciality Coffee (Geelong)

Country Cob Bakery (Kyneton)

Valley Xpresso (Lilydale)

Harry’s Kiosk (Malvern)

T-Roy Browns (Melbourne)

De Alleyway (Melbourne)

Cafe 409 (Melbourne)

Mission Cafe (Melbourne)

Hit N Run (Nowra)

Passing Thyme Cafe (Nowra)

Michel’s Patisserie Nowra Mall (Nowra)

Sal’s Mobile Cafe (Nowra)

The Sparrow’s Nest (Perth)

Shots on Lake (Perth)

Chiado Restaurant & Wine Bar (Potts Point)

Amici Bakery Cafe (Prahran)

Harry’s Kiosk (Prahran)

Gibbo’s Truckwash & Cafe (Revesby)

Metis Rising (Sale)

In-Cog-Neato (South Brisbane)

Loading Dock Espresso (South Brisbane)

Baker Caker Coffeemaker (Sydney)

Espresso Organica (Sydney)

Bounce Toowoomba (Toowoomba)

Pages Cafe (West Ryde)

The Bridge Cafe Windsor (Windsor)

Valley Xpresso (Woori Yallock)

Yarragon Cafe (Yarragon)

Happymaree (Yarraville)



Taverna Rock (Alba)

Bistro de l’Arte (Brasov)

Ceainaria Tabiet (Bucharest)

Clock’s Pub (Bucharest)

Cafeneaua Actorilor de Vara – Tineretului (Bucharest)

BASM (Bucharest)

Bacania Veche (Bucharest)

Acuarela (Bucharest)

Black Jack Pub (Bucharest)

SO Cafe (Bucharest)

JazzBook (Bucharest)

Ceainaria Cinci (Bucharest)

Literat Caffe (Bucharest)

SubSol Bar (Bucharest)

Conservator Cafe (Bucharest)

Ludic (Bucharest)

Joie de Vivre, Salon du The (Bucharest)

Coftale (Bucharest)

Have a cigar (Bucharest)

Casa Margarit (Bucuresti)

ROCK IN REGIE (Bukarest)

Stage Cafe (Bukarest)

Serendipity Tea (Bukarest)

Francesca Patisserie – Cafe (Cluj-Napoca)

Old School Coffee House (Cluj-Napoca)

Zorki Photo Cafe (Cluj-Napoca)

Aviator Pub (Hermannstadt)

Kiddo Cafe (Iasi)

Acaju (Iasi)

Librăria Cărturești : Palas Mall (Lași)

Librăria Cărturești : Iulius Mall (Lași)

Apropo Cafe (Suceava)

Clubul Presei (Targu-Mures)

ATRA (Tesila)

Scârț Loc Lejer (Timișoara)

Hotel Carol Vatra Dornei (Vatra Dornei)



Dreadlovers (Antwerp)

Schoonvliet kaas & verfijning (Beveren-Waes)

Yeti (Brussels)

The Waterfront (Heist-aan-zee)

Brasserie De Bierkaai (Heusden-Zolder)

Koffie Onan (Leuven)



Oranje Koffiehuis (Arnhem)

Brasserie42 (Deventer)

Dorpshuis Dreischor (Dreischor)

Mocca d’Or – Meppel (Meppel)

Landwinkel De Munnikenhof (Rheden)

Living La Buena Vida (The Hague)

Dorphuis Zonnemaire (Zonnemaire)

Volkshuis (Zutphen)



Beans & Leaves (Athlone)

The Tea Rooms at Duckett’s Grove (Carlow)

Idaho Cafe (Cork)

Roughans (Derry)

Caffe’ Italiano (Dublin)

Soulful Bistro (Dublin)

Brioche Cafe (Dublin)

The Coffee Dock (Kilkenny)

Osta Cafe (Sligo)

Driftwood Coffee Cart (Sligo)

The Runner Bean Coffee Shop (Tipperary)



Le Fandango (Bayonne)



Hermsburger (Bielefeld)

Pizzeria Piccola (Bielefeld)

Café Vetter (Marburg)



Smak & Behag (Bodø)

Drengestua Kafe’ (Gjøvik)

Jensemann Pub (Kragerø)

Granum Bakeri AS (Lillehammer)

Rema 1000 Nymosvingen (Lillehammer)

Cafe Stasjonen (Lillehammer)

Kaffe og Sånt AS (Nesoddtangen)

Søstrene Conradi (Oslo)

Møteplassen (Rjukan)

Sitt Ned kunst & kafé (Skien)

Annas Kafé (Trondheim)

Pikekyss (Ålesund)

Nabostua Kafe&Kaffebar (Øvrebø)



Kerlune Café (Brest)

Berlucoquet (Chamonix-Mont-Blanc)

John’s Bar (Grenoble)

Stratto Grenoble (Grenoble)

Le Zèbre À Pois (Rouen)

Zooloo Pub Roi Né (Rouen)

Frag.net, cybercafé (Saint-girons)



Módszertani Kabinet (Budapest)

A SzezON – zöld és gyümm (Budapest)

Kőleves (Budapest)

BEER-lak (Y Bar & Cafe) (Budapest)


United Kingdom

Yes Chef Cafe (Grimsby)

Lindley’s Cafe (Huddersfield)

Cafe Society (Huddersfield)

TIME Circa 2010 (Huddersfield)

The Filling Station Cafe (Keswick)

Gourmet Coffee (Liverpool)

Coffee7 FG (London)

Thornton Cafe (Ryde)


United States

Barista’s Coffee House (Houston)

Olé Latte Coffee (Portland)



Bernards City (Jönköping)

Comfort Hotel Winn (Umeå)

Statoil Visby Söderväg (Visby)

Hjärtansfröjd café och catering (Visby)

Stigs Café och Bageri AB (Värnamo)



La Traviata (Lublin)

Cafe La Ruina (Poznan)



Ô deux soeurs (Montréal)

La Petite Cuillère (Montréal)

Perkins Coffee Company (Nanaimo)

Tam Tam Café (Quebec)

Le Tassé – Café de quartier (Sherbrooke)

Café Bohème Tadoussac (Tadoussac)



Emmi (Sankt Pölten)

Tachles (Wien)



GrekoCafe (Sofia)

Пиано бар Camino (Sofia)



Ristorante La Muscandia (Torino)



Free taxi rides for people in distress- a genius project by a Romanian young man

cars 2

Alex Bobes is a 23 Romanian young man from Bucharest, Romania, who came up with a really selfless idea- free taxi rides for people in distress. Now you might wonder why would he do such a thing and how does he have the time?

His idea came when finding himself in a distress and in need of a car, realised that nobody could help him with a free ride. Since then, he decided to help other people with issues that couldn’t afford to pay a taxi ride. Thus he started to drive people with health problems, such as disabilities or medical emergencies to hospitals or he transported people in need that lost their money ( such as students) and needed help.

The surprising thing is that this young man is paying from his own wage ( he’s working in the IT industry) and is driving his own car. Since his project started, he created a website and appeared on several television shows to spread the word around and to convince other people to join his project. He has also contacted several NGO’s but did not manage to get anyone to sponsor him yet. If he will manage to get sponsors the project could take off and many people in distress could get plenty of help. If you are interested in a donation or to join the project, or to start up something similar in your area, you can check his website – http://taxigratis.ro or send an e-mail to office@taxigratis.ro

How we can improve our health and help the environment

It might seem hard for some of us to help the environment. If you work from 9 to 5 and you get home and you have to cook, clean, take the dog out for a walk, do some shopping and help your kids with the homework, then…who in the world has the time to think and research about the environment?

However, helping the environment and yourself might be easier than you think,  because it’s all in making choices. Next time youreach for that toilet detergent, you could make the right choice and choose an eco brand, that will not intoxicate our waters and affect our skin. Just think about it, water travels in a cyclic mode and it will go into the ground and return sooner or later in our cup of tea or coffee. Do you think that tap water is pure pure?  Somehow we are all contributing to the pollution of water, ground and air so why not do something about it. Let’s think about how water touches us every day, from taking a shower, eating a soup, drinking coffee, brushing our teeth, washing our hair…

So, what are the changes we can make?

Here are some of the changes I’ve decided to make.

1. First of all, I got a water filter to reduce the chlorine from the water (they’re not very expensive). Chlorine dries your hair, skin and affects your lungs ( here’s a link about the effects of chlorine)


2. I changed my normal dish washing liquid with an ecological washing liquid that will not polutte the water, will not affect my skin and my health.


3. I changed my toilet detergent with an ecological one


4. I changed my normal shampoo with an ecological nettle shampoo


5. I changed my soap and shower gel with natural soaps ( that smell and feel amazing!)


6. I changed my body lotion with organic coconut oil. Coconut oil helps damaged hair, has anti bacterial and anti fungal properties, it helps with damage in your tissues and it slows down the process of ageing. You can also use coconut oil in your cooking as it reduces the cholesterol.


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