Fluoridated water- why and how to avoid it

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If you did not know yet, fluoride is good for you.

Oh, wait, this is not a toothpaste commercial. It is a post on a blog that tries to show the truth, to promote health, positive news and to dismantle any media and corporation fog that tries to cover our eyes.

In case you did not know yet ( in my own ignorance, I just found out a few years ago), much of the tap water you drink contains fluoride. In fact, in the US more than 60% of the population  lives in an area with water that has added fluoride to the water and according to this article 98% of Western European countries refused to add fluoride to their water because it just does not help and it’s seen as a forced medication.

But, wait! Isn’t fluoride good for you? Doctors in the commercials for toothpastes and mouthwashes promote it! Yes they do. But do you think those doctors were not paid? Or are they in fact real doctors? And is fluoride actually good for you?

If you do a bit of research you find out that there is quite a bit of controversy out there about fluoride. Now, if it would be healthy, there wouldn’t be any controversy, isn’t it that right? I mean, there’s no controversy about cucumbers, is there?

According to researchers, fluoride used to be used in the second world war for the creation of  bomb grade uranium. More than that, it was used widely for poisoning rats.

After you take in this shocking information, you would be also glad to find out that indeed there is no difference in the health of your teeth if you live in an area with or without water with fluoride.

So what is there to do?

1. First, find out if you live in an area with fluoridated water.( for UK here is a map, here is one for US, here is some info about countries around the world and if they have fluoridated water)

2. One solution is to buy a reverse osmosis filtering system ( costs from 90 pounds to 400 pounds),

3. Buy a tooth paste that does not contain fluoride ( they sell in organic shops)

4.  Drink tamarind tea. tamarind is a plant that helps eliminate fluoride from the body.

5. Do a liver cleanse to detox your body ( liver cleanse diet, raw food diet). To cleanse your liver drink green tea, eat garlic, grapefruit, green vegetables, avocado and walnuts.

6. Eat organic fruits and vegetables ( thus they will not have been treated with chemicals).


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Hannah Rose
    Jul 18, 2013 @ 13:39:14

    Out here in the country, I grew up on well water. No, we didn’t have to go physically draw it out of a hole in the ground, haha. We have natural springs all around here and we simply draw that out to use in our house in the same way all people get water from their cities. We had a filter to get out any impurities that might be present, and we never had any problems, until recently, when the pumps stopped working and even replacements wouldn’t hold up for long. So now we get water from the county, and the taste is…blegh. Thankfully, we can filter that out, but I know chemicals, like chlorine, still remain.
    I had no idea fluoride was bad for you. I was always told it helped prevent cavities and promoted good teeth heath in general.

    A doctor once told my mom when he found out we had well water, that she needed to purchase a special mouthwash that contained high amounts of fluoride. I guess it’s good she decided we didn’t need it.


  2. Happy Telegram
    Jul 18, 2013 @ 20:38:29

    You were lucky you grew up with well water and your mum is really smart to have taken that decision! I have read some more and really there isn’t any proper research to show that fluoride helps teeth but there is research that shows that it’s related to cancer. To get chloride from the water you need a reverse osmosis water filter. I will try to get one in the future. they’re a bit expensive, but it’s better to prevent than to cure diseases, right?


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