There’s no room! Where should we plant our herbs?

Allotment Garden

It looks like more and more people are looking into growing their own food and are interested in a healthier lifestyle. This is indeed good news. However, for people that do not own land or do not have a garden, things look a tad pessimistic.

According to the ,  around 90.000 people in the UK are presently waiting to get an allotment.  I have heard also that some people wait several years until they can rent one.  So, what is there to do?

There are several organisations and people that looked into solving this matter.

1. One of them is called GIY (grow it yourself) and it is a global movement that encourages food growing. It currently gathers around 50,000 followers and on 20 July, according to, the movement will hold a public event on 20th of July in Birmingham to talk about the possibilities of growing plants in your balcony or in small places, it will hold workshops and give all sorts of advice about growing your plants.

2. The second is River Cottage . River Cottage is actually a cooking show I have been watching for some time. In time, I realised this show was not only about cooking but also about eating organic, growing your herbs, farm animals and also encouraging people to get to know where their food was coming from. This show really inspired me and gave me hope that good things still can come with the help of media due to its allotment campaign.

Because the waiting list for getting an allotment is so so so…long and you have to wait such a long time, the people from River Cottage thought about making a great deal. And so, they thought about creating a website called, where people that own land (and did not use it much) and people that want land, could get together, meet, negotiate and create something useful.

3. Pam Warhurst is a person that together with several volunteers from a little town in UK, called Todmorden,  started a revolution.  They decided that instead of the usual bushes and decorative trees that filled the usual town landscape, they should plant edible landscape, such as veggies and orchards. ( psss…hey…you can visit their site here)

I believe Pam found the best solution of all. Growing locally and organically and indirectly encouraging and educating people in growing their own food.

Imagine if all our towns and cities had apple trees and cherry trees and strawberry bushes instead of the usual greenery!

Here is Pam on Ted Talks, talking about her project and showing us some pictures. It’s a really impressive project!


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