It’s elderflower season! Here’s an organic elderflower juice recipe!

It’s elderflower season and so I decided not to miss it out and prepare some nice elderflower juice. I used to drink it as a child and missed it. It is a very refreshing drink and very easy to prepare.

Elderflower is good for detoxing, helps in reducing the effects of sinusitis, helps in coughs and colds.

Here is my recipe for a nice elderflower juice.

Eldeflower juice ( quantity for 2 glasses)


A bunch of elderflower flowers ( the size of a small bunch of flowers to put in a small vase)

Half a lemon or lime

3 spoons brown sugar


1. Pick up a bunch of elderflowers and a nice lemon or lime

photo (4)

2. Leave the elderflower in the water for a few minutes and then wash it by diving it in the water, changing the water 2-3 times.

photo (5)3. Slice half a lemon

photo (6)

4. Put 2-3 spoons of brown sugar in the jar and add water. photo (8) photo (9)

4. Stir in with a spoon until the sugar dissolves

photo (10)

5. Put the elderflower in the jar

photo (12)

6. Add the lemon slices

photo (14)

7. Close the jar and leave it outside for 2 days.  I left it in my kitchen. In two days open the jar and take the lemon and elderflower out and strain the juice. Don’t worry, the juice will be yellow-brownish. It is perfectly normal. Keep it in the fridge if you don’t want to drink it immediately. photo (15) photo (16)

This recipe is for a mild elderflower juice and not the sparkling kind. Most recipes use yeast or acid citric to make it more acidic, but I prefer milder drinks and therefore this juice is for those who love a refreshing drink in the summer but not an acidic one.

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