Travelling the best way

Travel Guides

Travel Guides (Photo credit: Vanessa (EY))

I have travelled the world and I have met all sorts of people.  I have also realised that a lot of people have the possibility to travel nowadays but they don’t do it properly.

Have you noticed that there are people that even though they have travelled the world they seem not to have changed and they still have prejudices? I believe these people travelled just with their physique and left their minds at home. Their minds got stuck in the familiarity of their home, perhaps of fear of not understanding or being shocked by culture differences. I believe that is when people start to get prejudices. When they don’t understand something, their minds reject it as unusual and not right. I guess it’s a way of protecting themselves.

Anyway, I believe there are several types of travelling that people do in their lifetime and only one type of travelling could be called real travelling.

1. The kind of travelling you do on holidays- which means- staying at the hotel, eating in restaurants, visiting tourist places.

The issue here is that this limits you at touristic guides. You will not see beyond the touristic sites or really to get to know the culture.

2. The kind of travelling that you do when you move for a short period of time in a certain country. I know lots of people that travel this way, but most of them choose a safe travel, which means they stay in their community of nationals or work colleagues and even if they visit some places outside their city, they still do not bother on noticing the natives or bonding relationships with them, with their traditions, to get to really know the place.

3. The third kind of travelling is the type where you move for a short or longer period of time, but you open your mind, you walk on unknown roads, you risk and you get out of your comfort zone. If, when you travel, get out of your community of nationals, you try to know and understand the natives, you will go out of your comfort zone and try their food, drink, clothes and traditions you will be truly travelling. You will be able to break the prejudices in your head ( the ones that society and media puts in our heads) and see the beauty in people.You will start to understand that we are all different, yet we are all the same and we have all the same purpose- to be happy.


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