Everyday hero




A stack of pebbles (I love pebble stacking)

When you hear about heroes, you think about people fighting in wars for their country or you think about people that sacrifice their lives to save someone.

You certainly do not think about someone who picks up stuff off the road.

Why would you consider such a person a hero?

Well, imagine this.

I was walking with a friend in the city, on a busy street and suddenly I saw him picking up a rock off the ground and putting it on the side if the pavement. I was confused. It was rather a small pebble. It was not polluting or disrupting the traffic. It seemed rather unimportant. So I had to ask why .

My friend answered that he moved it because it might cause accidents in the future. Someone bike riding might puncture the wheels on his bicycle, he might trip on it and fall down, or someone could step on it and break their shoe or they might kick the pebble on the road, which might cause car accidents.

It seemed to me rather that he had an unrealistic- pessimistic view of the future. Surely a small pebble could not do such big harm?

But my friend thought he should do this just in case,  and as I noticed later on, he was doing it everywhere. If we were on a beach and saw broken glass in the sand, he picked it up and put it in the bin or somewhere where nobody would step on it.

So, it got me thinking…isn’t he like a small hero? Like and everyday hero?

He is someone who didn’t sacrifice his life, but just 2-3 seconds of his time to pick up a rock or piece of glass. What he did is prevented someone from having a bad day.

Could we all be able to be an everyday hero?

Picking a broken glass bottle off a beach or a rock or glass off the pavement, helping an old lady cross the street or helping someone with luggage might seem something small but I believe it helps spread the good in people and contribute to everyone’s happiness.

Because of that, I started picking up pebbles.






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