Would you bring luck into someone’s life?

Some of us are born lucky. With loving parents, in a nice shiny castle, having all what our hearts desire.

Some of us are born lucky. With loving parents, in a nice house or a flat, having at least the basics to keep us satisfied.

Some of us are less lucky.  Maybe we have only one parent or an auntie or uncle or grandparents that take care of us. A small house or a small flat. Not so much money but still something to keep us going. But we are still lucky. For we have somebody that still cares for us.

And some of us are born and left alone in the world. With nobody to care of us. We are the orphans. We have no home, we have no parents, we have no aunties, uncles or grandparents to care that we even exist. But still some of us are lucky. Because we get adopted.

If you sit comfortably in your house right now, on a nice and soft sofa, think about this. Think about being born and being an orphan. To not have a mother or a father to care for you.  Your only chance in life is to be adopted.

But now think about this. You are not only orphan but you also have a health problem. A permanent one, for life. Who would adopt you now?

Would you adopt a child with a disability?

A good question. A hard answer. Or maybe an easy one.

But there are people that do care and gives us the possibility to be lucky and to to think about bringing luck in somebody’s world.

I hope this video will inspire you. 🙂




New trend on social media- helping unfortunate people

With all the latest trends in social media that don’t really help anyone( such as twerking), a couple of young men thought of creating a trend that will actual help people.  And how? They asked people around the world to help the homeless by donating food or clothes and to film it and post it on youtube.

The two young men decided to make a compilation with all the videos around the world of people helping homeless. The video has already reached over 297,000 views  and the fact that it became viral is a good thing. Let’s hope this trend catches on and it will be more popular than twerking.

Here’s the video

Gender equality and feminism- not yet!

Userpage icon for supporting gender equality.

Userpage icon for supporting gender equality. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A lot has been written about gender equality, pretty much since  1890. After years of demonstrations, bra burning and changing of laws can we say we have gender equality?

I believe things changed in a weird way because some of us understood feminism and gender equality in a wrong way.

So, how did some of us understand in wrong way feminism?

1.  Feminism= stripping

That’s right. I have noticed some women think feminism and female power means stripping. Sure,  when we gained freedom and power, it meant that we could start to wear whatever we wanted ( starting with the wearing of trousers in 1920’s-30’s), but I think since the wearing of trousers women started to lose more and more fabric and some of us started to leave nothing to the imagination. So is it considered freedom when you reveal your breasts or butt in order to attract men? Is it equality when you resort to your flesh to achieve something?

2. Doubling responsibilities

When women gained their freedom, they gained the right to enter any job they wanted to, without judgement or discrimination. Seems fair.

But by the time women got their careers, they doubled their responsibilities. Now they had jobs but also a home and children to look after.

I believe with women gaining freedom, they also lost some of it at the same time while,  some men gained more freedom and others were not much affected by this process. Men still went to work and enjoyed their lives and their free time, while women on top of taking care of the children, got also a job. Moreover, if a couple divorces, the woman gets the children in most cases, thus the man will gain much more freedom through divorce, while the woman will get more responsibilities being a single parent.

3. Salary

While we assume that in the western world we are all equal, statistics show that there is a big gap in salaries between men and women. Men still earn more than women.  According to calayst.org,  in Uk ( in 2009) there was a 20% earning gap between genders, in Austria 19%, France 13%, and Finland 20%.

4. Media

You keep hearing about role models. But what kind of role models does the media promote? I have heard someone calling Beyonce a role model. But I believe dancing around semi-naked and doing sexual dances is not a good role model for women and little girls. It certainly does not encourage you to use your brain, it just encourages you to use your sexuality to be successful.

More than that, women magazines are orientated towards sexual advices and pleasing men in bed, losing fat, taking care of the house, children, fashion and are obsessed with celebrities. You can hardly find any good female role models in these magazines nor you can find any career tips or life advice that could go beyond this fluff.

So, what is there to do?

The best example, I believe, is to follow a country that has been listed as the fairest country when it comes to gender equality and that is Sweden. Sweden offers paternity leaves for fathers that chose to stay with their babies if mums chose to work and they offer support to women when returning after maternity leave.  Women and men are treated equally at work and protected by discrimination laws.

While we cannot all move to Sweden or change our governments and societies to think the same, I believe we can do small things, such as speaking out against discrimination, promoting real images of women and real role models ( Rosa Parks, Mother Theresa would be just two examples) and bringing attention to our society and media about real issues ( discrimination, violence, etc .) and not superficial ones ( such as what outfit Kim Khardashian wore yesterday).

Fluoridated water- why and how to avoid it

English: Putting toothpaste on a toothbrush. T...

If you did not know yet, fluoride is good for you.

Oh, wait, this is not a toothpaste commercial. It is a post on a blog that tries to show the truth, to promote health, positive news and to dismantle any media and corporation fog that tries to cover our eyes.

In case you did not know yet ( in my own ignorance, I just found out a few years ago), much of the tap water you drink contains fluoride. In fact, in the US more than 60% of the population  lives in an area with water that has added fluoride to the water and according to this article 98% of Western European countries refused to add fluoride to their water because it just does not help and it’s seen as a forced medication.

But, wait! Isn’t fluoride good for you? Doctors in the commercials for toothpastes and mouthwashes promote it! Yes they do. But do you think those doctors were not paid? Or are they in fact real doctors? And is fluoride actually good for you?

If you do a bit of research you find out that there is quite a bit of controversy out there about fluoride. Now, if it would be healthy, there wouldn’t be any controversy, isn’t it that right? I mean, there’s no controversy about cucumbers, is there?

According to researchers, fluoride used to be used in the second world war for the creation of  bomb grade uranium. More than that, it was used widely for poisoning rats.

After you take in this shocking information, you would be also glad to find out that indeed there is no difference in the health of your teeth if you live in an area with or without water with fluoride.

So what is there to do?

1. First, find out if you live in an area with fluoridated water.( for UK here is a map, here is one for US, here is some info about countries around the world and if they have fluoridated water)

2. One solution is to buy a reverse osmosis filtering system ( costs from 90 pounds to 400 pounds),

3. Buy a tooth paste that does not contain fluoride ( they sell in organic shops)

4.  Drink tamarind tea. tamarind is a plant that helps eliminate fluoride from the body.

5. Do a liver cleanse to detox your body ( liver cleanse diet, raw food diet). To cleanse your liver drink green tea, eat garlic, grapefruit, green vegetables, avocado and walnuts.

6. Eat organic fruits and vegetables ( thus they will not have been treated with chemicals).

There’s no room! Where should we plant our herbs?

Allotment Garden

It looks like more and more people are looking into growing their own food and are interested in a healthier lifestyle. This is indeed good news. However, for people that do not own land or do not have a garden, things look a tad pessimistic.

According to the Ecologist.org ,  around 90.000 people in the UK are presently waiting to get an allotment.  I have heard also that some people wait several years until they can rent one.  So, what is there to do?

There are several organisations and people that looked into solving this matter.

1. One of them is called GIY (grow it yourself) and it is a global movement that encourages food growing. It currently gathers around 50,000 followers and on 20 July, according to Ecologist.org, the movement will hold a public event on 20th of July in Birmingham to talk about the possibilities of growing plants in your balcony or in small places, it will hold workshops and give all sorts of advice about growing your plants.

2. The second is River Cottage . River Cottage is actually a cooking show I have been watching for some time. In time, I realised this show was not only about cooking but also about eating organic, growing your herbs, farm animals and also encouraging people to get to know where their food was coming from. This show really inspired me and gave me hope that good things still can come with the help of media due to its allotment campaign.

Because the waiting list for getting an allotment is so so so…long and you have to wait such a long time, the people from River Cottage thought about making a great deal. And so, they thought about creating a website called .rivercottage.net/landshare/, where people that own land (and did not use it much) and people that want land, could get together, meet, negotiate and create something useful.

3. Pam Warhurst is a person that together with several volunteers from a little town in UK, called Todmorden,  started a revolution.  They decided that instead of the usual bushes and decorative trees that filled the usual town landscape, they should plant edible landscape, such as veggies and orchards. ( psss…hey…you can visit their site here)

I believe Pam found the best solution of all. Growing locally and organically and indirectly encouraging and educating people in growing their own food.

Imagine if all our towns and cities had apple trees and cherry trees and strawberry bushes instead of the usual greenery!

Here is Pam on Ted Talks, talking about her project and showing us some pictures. It’s a really impressive project!

It’s elderflower season! Here’s an organic elderflower juice recipe!

It’s elderflower season and so I decided not to miss it out and prepare some nice elderflower juice. I used to drink it as a child and missed it. It is a very refreshing drink and very easy to prepare.

Elderflower is good for detoxing, helps in reducing the effects of sinusitis, helps in coughs and colds.

Here is my recipe for a nice elderflower juice.

Eldeflower juice ( quantity for 2 glasses)


A bunch of elderflower flowers ( the size of a small bunch of flowers to put in a small vase)

Half a lemon or lime

3 spoons brown sugar


1. Pick up a bunch of elderflowers and a nice lemon or lime

photo (4)

2. Leave the elderflower in the water for a few minutes and then wash it by diving it in the water, changing the water 2-3 times.

photo (5)3. Slice half a lemon

photo (6)

4. Put 2-3 spoons of brown sugar in the jar and add water. photo (8) photo (9)

4. Stir in with a spoon until the sugar dissolves

photo (10)

5. Put the elderflower in the jar

photo (12)

6. Add the lemon slices

photo (14)

7. Close the jar and leave it outside for 2 days.  I left it in my kitchen. In two days open the jar and take the lemon and elderflower out and strain the juice. Don’t worry, the juice will be yellow-brownish. It is perfectly normal. Keep it in the fridge if you don’t want to drink it immediately. photo (15) photo (16)

This recipe is for a mild elderflower juice and not the sparkling kind. Most recipes use yeast or acid citric to make it more acidic, but I prefer milder drinks and therefore this juice is for those who love a refreshing drink in the summer but not an acidic one.

Travelling the best way

Travel Guides

Travel Guides (Photo credit: Vanessa (EY))

I have travelled the world and I have met all sorts of people.  I have also realised that a lot of people have the possibility to travel nowadays but they don’t do it properly.

Have you noticed that there are people that even though they have travelled the world they seem not to have changed and they still have prejudices? I believe these people travelled just with their physique and left their minds at home. Their minds got stuck in the familiarity of their home, perhaps of fear of not understanding or being shocked by culture differences. I believe that is when people start to get prejudices. When they don’t understand something, their minds reject it as unusual and not right. I guess it’s a way of protecting themselves.

Anyway, I believe there are several types of travelling that people do in their lifetime and only one type of travelling could be called real travelling.

1. The kind of travelling you do on holidays- which means- staying at the hotel, eating in restaurants, visiting tourist places.

The issue here is that this limits you at touristic guides. You will not see beyond the touristic sites or really to get to know the culture.

2. The kind of travelling that you do when you move for a short period of time in a certain country. I know lots of people that travel this way, but most of them choose a safe travel, which means they stay in their community of nationals or work colleagues and even if they visit some places outside their city, they still do not bother on noticing the natives or bonding relationships with them, with their traditions, to get to really know the place.

3. The third kind of travelling is the type where you move for a short or longer period of time, but you open your mind, you walk on unknown roads, you risk and you get out of your comfort zone. If, when you travel, get out of your community of nationals, you try to know and understand the natives, you will go out of your comfort zone and try their food, drink, clothes and traditions you will be truly travelling. You will be able to break the prejudices in your head ( the ones that society and media puts in our heads) and see the beauty in people.You will start to understand that we are all different, yet we are all the same and we have all the same purpose- to be happy.

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