Farmers’market- not a posh place!

English: Farmers market at Union Square, New Y...

English: Farmers market at Union Square, New York City. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Having a Sunday walk around the town I stumbled upon a farmers’ market in a place I did not expect, a quite busy area.

However, once inside, with the sound of the guitar, people laughing and the scent of tea, coffee, jams and the aroma of paella that filled my senses, I felt like I fell like Alice in another world.

But the most pleasant thing I enjoyed was the feeling of community. Sure, I didn’t know anyone there, but it sure felt like a community. People smiling, talking laughing, having real kindness in their eyes.

So, I bought some paella and sat on a bench, enjoying the people and the music. Then, I saw a sign on one of those trucks that serve food. It was a list of reasons of why you should participate or visit farmers’ markets. And it said something like this:

You should go to the farmers market

1. To teach your children about eating healthy

2. To teach your children about community

3. To be a part of a community

Sure, I remember just three things that it said. But then, it stroke me. Why do we need reasons to go the farmers’ market? Farmers’ markest used to be something normal, something that we used to go to every day for our daily groceries and now it’s happening once a week or once a month. Why is that? Does the supermarket give you a sense of community? Can the supermarket server tell you that she grew and picked those tea leaves by herself and that she recommends you a certain type of tea because it will feel like a “ hug in a mug”?

But then I realised that watching the media (and I mostly refer to the American media such as American TV series and movies) gave you the impression that farmers’ market is a place for rich, posh people or for hippies, a ridiculous place. When a character in an American movie goes to the farmers’ market they are always laughed at or ridiculed.

However, farmers’ markets are not considered a posh place and a rare place in most countries. If you go to Africa, India, China, Eastern Europe, South America, you will find farmers’ markets but they will be called simply, markets. They will not be seen as posh, but as something necessary, something normal, just like you would consider a supermarket a normal place. But you will find fresh, tasty and healthy foods.

Statistics show that people in the less developed countries are healthier than those in more developed countries.  Is it because in less developed countries people eat from their gardens, buy from the local markets and they eat less processed foods ( that you can find in the supermarkets)?

Are the developed countries really developed if they eat food less rich in vitamins and proteins than poor developed countries?

So my question is why do American movies promote this image of a ridiculed farmers’ market? Is it because they have supermarket money behind this promotion? Or is it just a phase, a silly trend in the media?

Nevertheless, I believe we should not forget where our food comes from and respect the people that put their hearts in growing them. And I believe farmers’ markets should get back their status of a normal everyday market and considered something normal for all the people, big or small.

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