Dobri Dobrev, a man with a big heart



Everyone knows a person that truly did something to make the world a better place- mother Theresa and Martin Luther King are the first names that pop in my mind just now. I am sure everyone knows at least one famous person that helped the world.

However, there are so much more people that are unknown and give a part of themselves to the world.

One of them is Dobri Dobrev, a 98 year old deaf man who does an amazing thing. It was discovered that this man walks every day 10 kilometres from his home to the city of Sofia in order to beg. Nothing unusual, except it was discovered that he donated 40,000 euros from his begging money for the restoration Bulgarian monasteries and for the payment of utility bills for several orphanages, while surviving on a 80 euro monthly pension.

This type of stories gives you a real hope in humanity and makes you think…what can I do to help?







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