There are still plenty of good people out there!

While some people think about how to save money for a new phone, a car, an ipad or to go somewhere nice for a holiday, other people think about saving money for more important things. But, you would say…isn’t a car an important item in your life? How about a holiday? You do deserve it, after working hard for a year, don’t you?

How about imagine these things are impossible to get and even the things you take for granted ( medical care, electricity, running water) are not even available to you? Would you feel life is worth living?

I bet you, wouldn’t. I know I would be depressed and without hope.

But there are still amazing people out there that don’t lose hope and more than that do something about their life.

A driver with a big heart

Meet Joynal Abedin, a rickshaw driver from Bangladesh. According to Huffington Post, Joynal decided 30 years ago to save some of his income ( 6 dollars a day on a good day, according to Al Jazeera!) to build a hospital. He managed to get 3000 dollars and opened up a clinic. He convinced a doctor to came in to help and now the clinic consults 300 people a day. It seems this area really needed a doctor! The driver said that the reason for his gesture is the fact that his father died because he was not able to go to the hospital , which was as far as two walking days distance.

This man is a truly inspiring person and it makes you think what could you do to help those around you?


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