10 ways to improve your life





In the world today you have the feeling that things get worse and worse.You turn on the television you hear only about crimes and corruption, you listen to the radio, you basically hear the same thing. When you meet your friends or relatives, most of them will complain about something. If you feel that everything and everyone is giving up and just complaining, here is a list of things that can make you feel better about the world and about yourself.


1. Visit only positive news websites or sites that encourage your passions ( for photography,

travelling, designing my favourite is Pinterest)


2. Cook your own food!

That means cook it from scratch! You know what ingredients are going to be in your food comparing to the ready meals you find in the supermarket( of course, not horse!)


3. Grow your own food! 

If you don’t live in a house with a garden, there are options out there. You can rent an allotment ( visit your local council website, they must have info there or ask at the council about renting an allotment). Or you can grow some herbs in your flat ( parsley, mint, basil – I’ve grown my own)


4. Get out!

Get out of the house, take a walk, take your camera with you, get out of the city and go into a green area. This has been demonstrated as helping the spirit! Better yet if you can find some friends to go for a picnic or a football!


5. Try a new hobby!

You never know when you try something new that you might fall in love with it. If you don’t have much money or time to go to a painting class or climbing class you can try cheaper hobbies as knitting. For ideas for other hobbies check this site here, for a list of 100 hobbies.



Sounds like all work no pay? Think again. Volunteering might offer you with work experience in a field that you actually enjoy. There are all types of volunteering out there- from working in a charity shop to being a photographer, being a teacher, organising events, singing at charity concerts or running for marathons.


7. Get physical!

It’s been demonstrated that sport helps the mind and the body. The cheapest sport that you could enjoy is jogging or running. If you feel that it’s too boring, you can get into an organised group that runs every week.  Here’s where you can check where your local running club is in England. If you are in another country you can also organise a running group. Put some posters, make a Facebook page and you’ll be up and running!


Whether you can afford to go to China or just to the next village, travelling widens the mind and it gets you out of your normal surroundings and makes you see the world different (I had my best travelling experience when I visited a close town to my home during a local festival).


9. Educate yourself

The world is rich in knowledge. Whether you read literature, politics or visit a local museum, knowledge will open your mind and give you the opportunity to view the world from other people’s lives. If you feel lazy with reading, I recommend watching  TED , short video lectures with ideas indeed worth spreading, from a wide range of subjects- from ecology to photography, crime detective stories and visual effects.


10. Start to think positive!

Law of attraction- thinking in a positive way, will bring you positive things.

Here’s Matthew Ferry advising on positive thinking







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