Muslims – breaking stereotypes

Whenever you hear about Muslims in the media, there is always a negative  image that comes with it. It is always a negative story that is associated with. Whenever something good happens, the religion of the person is not mentioned.
Why is that important to mention religion? When an average person does a crime and he or she is not a muslim but a Christian, atheist or Buddhist, why does the media not mention it? Imagine the headline- “Christian man stole a purse” . If this headline came in the daily newspaper people would find it weird and discriminatory. And it would be, wouldn’t it? Than why people are comfortable with seeing the word Muslim in the headline? Why is religion important? Is it because it is not about religion but about a media agenda of vilifying Muslims and keeping up with the stereotypes? Is it that media fed us with this image that now we see it as normal?
But what is the image of the Muslim in the media?
If you read just a few articles online or watch a bit of t.v. this is what you would find and this is what you will think:
  1. All Muslims are Arabs
  2. All Muslims are terrorists
  3. Muslim women are sexual objects
  4. Muslim people hate western people
  5. Muslim people believe in a different God
  6. They are all extremists
There are plenty other stereotypes that can be found on the Internet, however it is quite hard to find articles that combat these images. Still, from the information that was found, here is the conclusion :
  1. Not all Muslims are Arabs.  88% of Indonesia’s population is muslim. And there are plenty of Muslims also in China, India and Russia.
  2. They are all terrorists? With 1.6 billion Muslims around the world is a bit hard to categorise it like that, isn’t it? It’s like confirming all stereotypes around the world. Think about yourself. Do you have the same behaviour and tastes as your brother, sister, mom, uncle or neighbor?
  3. Muslim women are all sexual objects. This is a long hard debate about women issues. While women around the globe still struggle with issues, whether it is having equal pay or equal opportunities, you simply cannot generalize. But for a more in depth analysis, check out Queen Rhania’s speech about Muslim women issues here.
  4. Muslim people hate western people. Europe alone has got 8% of Muslim people, which might be Arab, Indonesian, western and it has been reported that also western people turn to Islam so to say that they hate the West it would mean they hate themselves.
  5. Muslims believe in a different God than Christian people. Actually Muslims do recognize Christianity, the Bible but they see Jesus as a prophet. They also see the Christian God as Allah. So, yes, it’s the same God.
  6. They are all extremists. There is a number of extremists among Muslims, but then there are a few among Christians, Budhists and other religions or among atheists.

For an interesting view of how Muslims are stereotyped in Hollywood movie, there is a series you can follow on Youtube



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