When good things happen to bad places


If the world around you makes you despair and you believe that the future looks bleak, much like the “ Idiocracy” movie and that we will be drowned in a sea of garbage in the much nearer future, despair no more!

Good things are happening to bad places. Specifically, if you watch the good news sites. It appears that recently a bad place received a good makeover and was transformed much to our delight.

The Mucking Landfill in Essex, England used to be one of those nightmarish places where trash from six London Boroughs was brought for 50 years. It was one of the biggest garbage landfills in Europe. A 3.8 million dollar project was proposed and applied and so this area was transformed in a wildlife park that now hosts mice, orchids and attracts even rare birds such as the skylark.

It has been noted that another similar project will be realised also in UK in Grimsby in the near future. Hopefully, these two projects will give ideas to the rest of the world.

You can see a video of the project here.



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