Don’t worry be happy…about the news

Whenever the evening news comes, as a viewer you start to get the impression that the whole world is in crisis: crimes of all sorts, corrupt politicians, pollution, you start to get the impression that life really is not worth living or that the end is near.
But is it all bad news? One can wonder if only bad things happen in the world. Some good things might happen, too.  You don’t just go outside and everything starts to fall apart. You can see good things happening around you every day, so why don’t they end up in the news?
Maybe because what attracts people to watch the news is the sensationalism- crimes, celebrity, outrages behaviour. Is it our fault, though? According to this article, negative news can lead to depression and you can’t really escape from it, even if you ignore them, because now it’s following you even in the social media.
However, there is still hope if you don’t want to avoid getting depressed about the world today. There are websites that specialize only on the good side of things. Here are some of them:

In English













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