Africa – challenging stereotypes

If you are normal citizen that enjoys watching tv in the evenings or rainy afternoons, you cannot notice the charity advertisement.  They always show you something to impress you. Nothing wrong about that, they do need money to help, so what would they show you, some happy people running through a field full of flowers or some lions enjoying their lives peacefully? They somehow are forced to show you something to impress you. As a viewer I do not have anything against these commercials, except for one type of commercial. The ones about Africa. Oh yeah, and there’s always the line – every 5 minutes in Africa someone dies of something or something happens. It gives you a sense of an urgency (to reach in your pocket).

Now of course Africa does have its issues like any other part of the world, but I believe these images just contribute to the stereotype of Africa and its people- poor to the point of subnutrition, suffering from diseases and violence. This is the image that is shown to us, Europeans.

However, is it all true? What do you think when you think about Africa? Lions, giraffes, huts and people hunting in the bushes? Or do you think cities with skyscrapers, business men, fashion and restaurants?

These are the stereotypes that can be taken from the internet and television:

1. Africa is one country ( people tend to forget that Egypt or Morrocco is situated in Africa),

2. Africa is poor, the population is suffering from poverty, starvation, wars, violence

3. There is no civilization in Africa

4. It is all a big jungle with the occasional small village.

Challenging the Africa stereotype

However, if you do some research or travelling you will find out that actually Africa:

1. The continent of Africa comprises 53 countries

1. Its economy is developing

2. Africa is not that poor as we imagine, having the fastest growing middle class in the world.

3. It has got a rising urban population (so yes, there is a civilization there with malls, cinemas and everything)

But the best ones to challenge the stereotype are the people of Africa. Here is a video that was made with this purpose.

For more information about Africa, check out his link.


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