I’m too sexy for your… festival?!

Recently Happy Telegram ran by accident on a weird story that was circulating on social media.

Curiosity led to Google and then it was noticed that it was all over the internet. It seemed too strange to be true. So it led to more investigating.
The story is pretty superficial but it shows you how media blows things out of proportion, distorting facts sometimes.

So, ladies and gentleman, without much further ado… I bring you…the story of the sexy man.
So apparently if you take the story from the media, three men from the Emirates went to a festival in Saudi Arabia, called the Jenadrivah Heritage & Culture Festival in Riyadh only to be thrown out for being too sexy and more than that they were deported from the country. Strange, isn’t it? Also sounds a bit ridiculous. If the story came from let’s say Germany or Spain it would be funny and you would believe it to be a joke, but considering Saudi Arabia’s and especially Middle East stories from the media, this type of story would just feed the stereotype of mean, savage Middle eastern people.

What was interesting was that most media that presented the story had as its source the Arab newspaper Elaph and nobody bothered to actually check the facts. No interview with the “ sexy man” was realised about the subject, even if he does have a Facebook account. The “ victim” also did not deny or confirm the story.
The only source that denied it was the Saudi Life newspaper that acknowledged what happened around the media and presented the story in a different manner. This is what apparently happened. The three men went to the festival, one of them started dancing seductively and several complaints have been made by families. The festival guards questioned this person and that is the whole story. The men were not deported or even thrown out of the festival.

So how did this story reach such big proportions? Somebody must have sold it for a 15 minute fame or maybe it was just a journalist seeing an opportunity for a fun story. No matter what happened, it is important to check your facts and don’t believe everything you read.


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