What’s this about?

The first post on this blog will be about the purpose of Happy Telegram.

The idea for Happy Telegram came from a felt need for positive and accurate news. While not having the financial power as media corporations have, the author will try to gather positive news from the media and real life and trying to present them as accurately as possible.

Nowadays with media corporations getting their tentacles all over the place, as a media consumer you don’t know really what is the truth and what is pure manipulation. 

With the rise of social media, the media citizen was born. The average Joe that realized something is happening around the world and sometimes facts are not presented as such. Truth is distorted, stories are invented, celebrities are fabricated for financial gain or hidden agendas. But does the average Joe present the stories in an accurate manner? How much can you trust anybody coming on the street and telling you stuff?

So, the idea is that anything you find out about, check it, check your facts from several sources and that is generally what Happy Telegram is about.

Have a nice Internet, everyone!


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