The first zero waste supermarket is here!


The first zero waste supermarket is here and it’s in Germany, Berlin. Sarah Wolf and Milena Glimbowski decided to open this supemarket after seeing all the waste that went into packaging products. So, they launched a crowfunding campaign in May and managed to get the funds.

But what exactly is a zero waste supermarket? Well it is quite simple. All food is sold in bulk and customers have to bring their own packaging or containers. The founders said ” When out shopping we find a lot of super colourful items with super colourful packaging. What we tend to forget is that those packagings are only waste at the end of the day. We each produce 250 kilograms of waste every year. We believe there is another way. We believe we can change this.”

The supermarket will try to sell also locally organic sourced foods. But what can you find in a supermarket that has no packaging? Well according to the owners, you can get pasta, cereals, cheese, and whey in cellophane-free containers, jars and glass bottles, unwrapped fruits and vegetables.

Three year old child saves man locked in car


A week ago, a three year old child has saved an old man in Tenessee, United States after he saw the man trapped in the car while outside temperatures were soaring. Bob King, who is 68 was waiting in his car for his wife, when the car automatically locked its doors leaving him helpless.

Keith Williams, a three year old child noticed the old man and told an adult but he was ignored. Still he did not give up and repeated “Locked, Locked” and “hot, hot” until he convinced an adult to follow him in the parking lot and save the man. According to ABC< Keith’s mum stated “I am very impressed and I’m proud that he would know what to do”


Man drops wallet on sidewalk. How many will return it?



Adrian Gee did a social experiment to see how honest people are. Thus, he put a hidden camera and dropped a fake wallet to see how many people actually returned it.

The social experiment that was done in Adelaide, Australia revealed that out of 10 people, eight returned the wallet and four kept it. Good to know that most of us are good at heart.

Football player donates World Cup winnings to help 23 children have surgery



Football player Mesut Ozil has taken advantage of the World Cup winnings to help 23 sick children to have surgery.

According to Daily Mail, Ozil has first decided to help 11 children but then changed his mind and chose 23 children to pay for their surgery as a gesture of thank you for ” the hospitality of the people of Brazil.”He added “prior to the World Cup, I supported the surgery of 11 sick children. Since the victory in the World Cup is not only due to 11 players but to our whole team, I will now raise the number to 23″.

It is stated that Ozil’s gesture is part of the Big Shoe project that aims to help sick children.

Knitted nests save baby birds’ lives

Found a bird nest with wild baby birds and did not know what to do? A Californian nonprofit charity came up with the idea of knitted nests.

This NGO that cares for baby birds asked knitters from the area to create nests that would help these orphaned birds. According to this campaign started two years ago when someone working in the charity saw that the bowls they were using as nests were not very helpful and were hurting the birds.

So far the charity had been donated 1500 nests

Canadian charity comes up with homeless friendly benches

After the anti homeless spike scandal in London a Canadian charity called Rain City has come with a brilliant idea. They have installed adverts that can be transformed into clever shelters for the homeless people.




A TedTalks video on how to achieve happiness easier


This TED talks video is really an eye opener to why some of us are unhappy, even if we managed to achieve our goals by getting a job, money, children, career or moving to a different country.

We all wish we had money but then we know rich people that are deeply unhappy. So what’s the solution?

Shawn Anchor has studied this phenomenon and said that 90 percent of our long term happiness is predicted not by the external world but by the way your brain processes the world. If we change the way we see the world, we change our formula for happiness or success . So, what we can do is change the way that we can then affect reality.

Sounds confusing?

Here’s a simple explanation.

Shawn really opens our eyes to reality. He says that the problem with not acquiring happiness is quite simple.

The issue stands in this. The classic formula for success that we think it’s proper for all of us is this

If I work harder I will be more successful and if I’m more successful than I’ll be happier.

This formula we apply to everything, from our parenting style, to our managing style and how we motivate our behaviour.

So why is this not working?

Simple, because  every time you have a success, your brain changes the goal to what success looks like. For example you get good grades and instead of being happier, you want to get better grades. You get a job, next you’ll want a raise and then a promotion. You will not be happy with your current situation and you will always want to achieve more.

“If happiness is on the opposite side of success your brain never gets there.” The problem is that we keep pushing happiness over the horizon and that is because we think we need to be successful to be happier.

So what’s the solution?

The solution is to be happy in the present. To realise what you have in the present and be content with what you have. His research shows that if you become aware of your present happiness, then your brain experiences a happiness advantage which means your brain will perform better, your intelligence will rise, your creativity, energy will improve.

Here’s the interesting thing. Dopamine, the substance that makes us happier, also turns on all the learning centres in the brain.


How can you become more positive? Shawn advises to:

Be grateful

Do exercise

Do mediation

Do random acts of kindness

Have a journal


Here’s his speech

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